Digital Workplace Solutions

Don’t let your operations get bogged down with cluttered filing systems, tedious everyday tasks, or unreliable communication tools. Maximise convenience for your employees with Digital Workplace Solutions, which provide them with the tech they need to work and collaborate quickly and effectively, whether they’re in the office or not.

What is Included in Digital Workplace Solutions?

Hybrid Mail

Looking to improve workplace efficiency? Banish franking machines, envelopes, and stamps from your office budget with Hybrid Mail. Simply send your digital files to our secure 24/7 facility, and we’ll take care of the rest – giving valuable time back to your staff.

By digitising your outbound mail, your mail process is reduced to a click through simple integrations with office applications, saving you the hassle and expense of franking machines and any associated stationery. Your post is then printed and fulfilled at our ISO-accredited print facilities.

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Information Management

Enable easy collaboration within your organisation, by storing all of your files in one cloud-based shared digital server. An ideal hybrid working solution, Information Management systems create numerous organisational efficiencies.

Once documents are digitised, they can be easily organised with the help of an Information Management system. Essentially acting as a shared repository, systems such as these allow employees to easily locate and access important files – with additional features that can eliminate the chances of misfiling through human error.

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Process Automation

Reduce hours of manual processes to minutes of approvals. Remove the busywork from your employee’s day-to-day with Process Automation software, which can accurately process data from invoices, job applications, and e-forms to provide an active workplace solution.

Greater convenience is possible through a Process Automation service, which can take new data (i.e. invoices) and automatically update related systems accordingly. This means that your Information Management system can be kept up-to-date, without any manual data entry required – which can be checked quickly by a single admin.

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Cloud Working

Many companies are benefiting from boosted productivity after introducing Cloud Working into their business, as well as stronger cyber security, seamless hybrid working, and greater ease when incorporating sustainable practices.

With these services in place, effective Cloud Working is made simple for your teams. When important documents are made easily locatable and accessible, employees are enabled to be more productive. Our cloud-based corporate IT systems also defend against sudden cyber threats, even when employees are based at home.

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Meeting Room Equipment

A tip for improving workplace efficiency is to improve communication - by using a Meeting Room Equipment service and equipping your meeting rooms with high-quality audio-visual tools, you can bridge the gap between remote and office workers for a seamless virtual experience.

To enable even clearer communication between home and office, easily transform your meeting rooms with a Meeting Room Equipment service. Create a friendly and collaborative environment that ensures everyone feels heard, no matter where they are, with a fully immersive video conferencing setup created by strategically placed audio-visual equipment.

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Why does your business need Digital Workplace Solutions?

With so much competition nowadays, why waste your precious time and resources on unnecessary, unhelpful processes?

For long-term benefits and cost-efficiencies, Digital Workplace Solutions are invaluable – not only allowing you to ease employee collaboration, but to also strengthen data security and more easily implement sustainable practices throughout your business.

Ultimately, retaining your competitive edge is made much easier by engaging with these kinds of corporate IT services. With more digitised working solutions, you are better prepared to adapt to whatever challenges tomorrow may bring – especially if your competitors are still struggling to incorporate a hybrid model into their business.

By engaging with Digital Workplace Solutions, your business benefits from:

  • Less Stressed Employees
  • Cost-effective Performance
  • Greater Employee Loyalty
  • Dynamic Hybrid Workforce

Maximise Value with Digital Workplace Solutions

How many of your employee hours are wasted on inefficient processes? Surprisingly, the time taken to complete simple tasks can quickly add up – but the good news is, you can generate more value for money from your employees through digital transformation. Whether easing collaboration between your hybrid teams with Meeting Room Equipment, or completely removing unnecessary tasks from your operations with Process Automation, our Digital Workplace Solutions are designed to make your business leaner, more agile, and more competitive in the modern marketplace.

Industry-leading customer support is central to each of our services, and just as Digital Workplace Solutions enable greater dynamism throughout your business, Apogee has its own reputation for responsiveness – ensuring maximum uptime for your systems with our industry-leading support.

Dedicated to helping companies work smarter and safer, our status as an HP subsidiary gives us excellent working relationships with a host of innovative suppliers. This means that when engaging with our services, you are upgrading with the best quality technology available – but through one convenient point of contact, who works to really understand your business in order to recommend the best solution possible.

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