Transforming the Legal Sector

Apogee provides tailored IT services for law firms, delivering innovative solutions that meet your unique needs and make your day-to-day operations more efficient and cost-effective.

The Legal Sector Challenges

The economic pressures from increasingly demanding clients and global competition require law firms to provide more than just good lawyers. There are many obstacles to conducting an efficient business if the technological systems are not fit for purpose.

  • Technological Advances.

    The Annual Law Firm Survey of 2023 confirmed that 71% of the Top 100 law firms view the speed of technological changes as a risk to growth - law firms who regularly update their technology can adapt their services for efficiency, and those that don’t may struggle to compete.

  • Delay in Output.

    If there are no in-house IT specialists, or too few to cope with the amount of maintenance required, then there may not be a fast enough turnaround on technological tasks to keep up with the pace of a busy firm. This could lead to missed deadlines, strained communications with clients and other unwanted complications.

  • Security Issues.

    85% of the Top 100 law firms are extremely or somewhat concerned about cybersecurity threats. Security is paramount when so much highly sensitive information is at risk, sourcing a Managed Workplace Services partner that is fully accredited and understands the importance in complying with the stringent regulations can be difficult for Law Firms.

  • Lack of Organisation.

    Using a system that doesn’t meet the needs of your law firm can make information management feel impossible, and make it much harder than necessary to find and collate the documents you need when you need them. This can be very detrimental to time management in a fast-paced work environment like a law firm.

Managed IT Services For Law Firms

The solution is to adopt Managed IT Services for law firms. By hiring an external provider to deal with the installation, day-to-day maintenance and repairs of your technology, you are freed up to focus on more important things.

At Apogee, we understand that remaining competitive requires operational efficiency through innovation, creditability, and responsiveness. This is how we have become a trusted partner to law firms across the UK, delivering digital and print services to help them run seamlessly and cost-effectively. 

By hiring Apogee as an IT service provider for your law firm, you can receive:

  • The latest technology, regularly updated 
  • Ongoing maintenance support
  • 24/7 protection from cyber security threats
  • Organisational innovations to improve your day-to-day operations
  • The ultimate peace of mind

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Our Legal Expertise

Law firms require total confidence in a Managed Workplace Service provider that provides a full scope of managed services to streamline their processes. We provide tailored legal and litigation production to fit your brief, as we understand every firm is different and every case varies.

Over the last 30 years, we have developed a strong pedigree within the Legal space, working with 12 of the 14 biggest global Law firms to become a reliable partner. Whatever your requirements, you can be assured we have seen it before and can deliver it on time. Our secure Outsourced Document Services production facilities are conveniently located in central London and Manchester operating 24/7 to accommodate for any legal proceedings.


“Apogee have shown us what quality service looks like, it’s in a different league from what we are used to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Their legal sector experience is fantastic and we were quite shocked to find that Apogee understood our business better than we did.”

– Howard Kennedy Representative

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