Information Management

Managing information can be stressful without the right tools. Enable your teams to store, access and use your documents from anywhere securely with an Information Management system, for seamless collaboration.

What is Information Management?

Information management is the curation, storage, dissemination and archiving of documents and other sources of information across a business. A good information management system will ensure that all the information an organisation needs is managed and retained properly - the right people can have the right information at the right time, and the decision makers of the business have complete control over these parameters.

Any business seeking to bring efficiency to their internal processes with Digital Workplace Solutions will find value in an Information Management system. Regardless of whether workforces are fully on-premises, remote, or follow a hybrid model, storing your documentation onto a single Cloud-based space enables your teams to locate and access information with maximum convenience.

Why does your business need Information Management?

Information management is a corporate responsibility - if it isn’t addressed and followed from the top down, there could be massive repercussions. Managing information responsibly is not only an imperative part of keeping your business secure, but has other benefits.

For example, Information Management Systems push your workplace to the forefront in a competitive business landscape that demands complete optimisation.

By enabling businesses to eliminate paper-based storage, an Information Management system not only brings you closer to achieving environmental sustainability, but frees up office space and provides greater data security through authentication processes.

An information management system is a strong solution that improves the overall efficiency of your day-to-day operations while greatly reducing security risks - what’s not to like?

How does Information Management work?

Digital filing systems can often become chaotic and hard to navigate in the wrong hands, resulting in specific files often taking a long time to locate. In fact, nowadays 50% of employee time is spent on creating, filing, managing, and finding documents.

Conversely, organising digital filing systems becomes a much simpler process with Information Management’s pre-built system structure, meaning that your staff can find the information they need in seconds. By minimising search times, this enables your workforce to be more productive - and since an Information Management system is fully compatible with programs such as SharePoint, these benefits can be reaped with very little effort on your part.

Business processes can also be streamlined with automatic workflows, which are easy to set up through the user-friendly system interface. For one example, financial data on an invoice can be automatically scanned, processed, and sorted to the relevant client records (unless the document requires additional approval, in which case the workflow reroutes it to a manager).

Through this application, the simple, but time-consuming jobs are completed automatically, allowing employees to devote more time to achieving longer-term business goals.

Why choose Apogee as your Information Management provider?

To ensure that you’re getting the most efficiency from your Information Management system, Apogee provides clients with ongoing tutoring from our team of specialists. As well as ensuring that your automatic workflows are working optimally, sharing our knowledge also educates you to implement new workflows independently.

As a wider part of our Managed Print Services (MPS), Apogee’s Information Management offering is fully backed up by our 24/7 customer support centre. This removes the need to organise potentially ineffective third-party support in the event of technical difficulties; since remote fixes can be coordinated through Apogee at your convenience.

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