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Howard Kennedy
20 January 2023
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20 January 2023


When BDO LLP were looking to make their London offices more efficient with their documents, Apogee implemented automated workflows to improve their processes and free up office space.


"Apogee has also given us the ability to monitor print properly, and as a result, our costs have been dramatically reduced."

– BDO representative

The Background

BDO LLP’s relocation of its three London locations into a purpose-built 90,000 sq ft office in Baker Street was a catalyst for more efficient working.

The company had a wide range of inefficient desktop printers and standalone copiers, which were regularly failing. Not only were the devices unreliable, but BDO also found itself wasting large volumes of paper through paper jams, and suffering from high consumable costs as there was no centralised device management or reporting. Document security was also a major concern for BDO.


The Solution

BDO was keen to ensure that any new solution would be problem-free. Following a thorough requirements audit, Apogee set up a ‘proof of concept’ trial at the new London office. Testing was carried out for one month by BDO’s in-house IT Department and a number of key users with positive feedback all around.

Taking a phased approach, the print management solution was implemented to all 1,800 users within the London office. Nine months later results and feedback were analysed to calculate the cost and efficiency savings achieved. The solution was then rolled out to the remaining 13 offices in England and Scotland.


The Outcome

With new secure release software in place, BDO is now benefitting from a fully secure print function across the entire business. Document production is now economical and efficient, and the company has total visibility of its printing, with the ability to produce full management reports.

Document costs have also been significantly reduced with a large number of new MFDs and high volume devices across all 24 locations, BDO now has a standardised, optimised, and reliable print fleet with over 4,000 employees trained and support provided by on-site technicians from Apogee at the company’s London office.



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