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12 January 2023
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Bromley College

Bromley College's high volume print jobs can be outsourced to Apogee Digital Document Services (DDS) with a 24-hour guaranteed turnaround.


The Background

There is an on-site print room at Bromley College which handles high volume prints on a daily basis for both students and staff. This includes the production of enrolment forms and related documents which are all stored in hard copy format in archive files.

There was no document retention policy in place which resulted in the archiving suites becoming full. Manually searching through archive files was time consuming for staff, with issues such as waste and in the absence of a compliance policy, document security was compromised.


The Solution

A ticketing system was implemented at the college so high volume print jobs could be outsourced to Apogee Digital Print with a 24-hour guaranteed turnaround. Since the system has been in place, the college has benefited from a 21% reduction in print volumes.

Apogee introduced an Information Management system to help rapid retrieval of student files from the student management system. Alongside this, a document retention policy was automatically applied.

To assist the college through the busy student enrolment period, Apogee installed automated scanning capture software on the devices. Documents were automatically uploaded to the Apogee Document Management System with live lookup to student information system for data validation.


The Outcome

Apogee continue to work with the college and are currently rolling out the Information Management system across all departments, including HR.

Other paper heavy areas of the college are being assessed with the view of reducing the amount of on-site storage and waste while further improving document security.


  • Reduction in print volumes
  • A new document retention policy
  • Improved efficiency during enrolment period
  • Enhanced document security


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