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Investment Bank
11 January 2023
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11 January 2023


Apogee’s solution of standardisation and consolidation saw ICBC reduce their fleet size by 75% from over 200 devices to 50 HP devices in their new office.


The Background

With moving into their new London office on the horizon, ICBC Standard Bank Plc wanted to ensure they had an effective print management strategy in place. Over time the fleet had grown to over 200 desktop printers of varying manufacturers without any management tools or print policies, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in managing the fleet.

The company went to market to find a supplier who could reduce their fleet size and transition them into the new office, with the key challenges being to improve the reliability of the fleet with enhanced technology whilst delivering year-on-year cost savings.


The Solution

Apogee worked with ICBC Standard Bank Plc to understand their objectives and deliver a full managed print service. Firstly, Apogee reviewed ICBC Standard Bank Plc’s existing print infrastructure to gain a deep understanding of their workflows, printing habits and environment.

A plan was formulated to deliver these key objectives. This involved implementing a HP solution which standardised all print devices in the new office which were to be strategically placed in general print-hub areas as opposed to across the entire office.

To drive further efficiencies and savings, SafeCom print management software was to be introduced, allowing ICBC Standard Bank Plc to really control their printing which had become ungovernable.


The Outcome

Almost instantly, Apogee’s managed print solution of standardisation and consolidation saw ICBC reduce their fleet size by 75% from over 200 devices to 50 HP devices in their new office. With less devices to manage and a substantially reduced Total Cost of Ownership, ICBC achieved vast cost savings of 40%.

In addition, central to achieving ICBC Standard Bank Plc’s objective of changing their printing culture as they transitioned to their new office was the application of print management software. From day one, ICBC Standard Bank Plc saw a 27% reduction in print volumes through SafeCom.

Having worked with ICBC Standard Bank Plc now for ten years, Apogee has always been dedicated to providing year-on-year improvements, achieved by always being ahead of the curve – our independence ensures we are able to supply ICBC Standard Bank Plc with the latest and best-in-class print technology. Three years after implementing the HP solution, Apogee changed ICBC Standard Bank Plc’s fleet to a Xerox Wax-Based solution. This enhanced technology delivered a further 25% cost savings.

On top of maximised efficiency and greater cost savings, ICBC Standard Bank Plc’s new fleet provides leading reliability and productivity levels. What’s more, with Apogee as their sole-provider for all of their print requirements, ICBC Standard Bank Plc are benefitting from unrivalled customer service with an on-site engineer available even at weekends to assist with any print-related issues.

Going forward, ICBC Standard Bank Plc are in safe hands and can be sure the print environment is being managed effectively with any opportunities to optimise further being taken full advantage of.


  • Seamlessly transitioned into new office with best-of-breed print technology and culture of efficiency
  • Fleet instantly reduced by 75% delivering 35% cost savings, with further yearly improvements
  • Standardised fleet with print management software
  • Enhanced service offering


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