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12 February 2024


A fast, responsive, cost-effective Telecoms service allows idpp to deliver excellent customer service to their valued clientele.

The Benefits

Having the ability to call up Apogee and get through quickly, and then have the person on the other end know who we are… that kind of relationship is important to us, because we treat our customers that way, and that’s how we want to be treated.

– Peter Grint, Operations & Commercial Manager

The Background

With an established reputation for first-class service, idpp offers technology and recruitment solutions designed to meet a wide range of unique business needs. Whether you need to rent resources on fixed contracts, hire extra part-time and permanent staff, or install complex system integrations, idpp go the extra mile to understand your business and craft a solution to suit you.

Key to idpp’s offering is in-house expert support - with full search, selection, and vetting services available to ensure consistently high quality for their clientele.

The Challenge

Effective communication is the bedrock of any provider of bespoke services, but the service provided by idpp’s telecoms provider left a lot to be desired. Calls frequently lagged and dropped out during conversations, causing immense disruption to customers – and impacting idpp’s ability to provide a responsive, dynamic service.

To make matters worse, organising technical support was similarly dysfunctional. Due to the telecoms provider’s widespread nature, request tickets commonly took days to be actioned, with staff being assigned to jobs regardless of familiarity with idpp’s operations - meaning that fixes were too standardised and short-term to be worthwhile.

The Solution

Clearly unable to continue with a substandard telecoms setup, idpp switched to Apogee’s Telecoms service. Since the move, audio quality has improved substantially, and call stability is now near-seamless – setting the stage for effective, transparent communication with customers.

Support has similarly been tightened up; with idpp’s IT staff being able to directly contact a dedicated Apogee expert to coordinate support on their behalf. Equipped with a full case history, this expert is able to troubleshoot more effectively – and will work with idpp until a solution is found, rather than provide a short-term, one-size-fits-all solution.

The Outcome

With call quality and continuity now all but assured, idpp has regained their
ability to deliver a quick, responsive service – with customer communications now easy and clear. But that’s not the only benefit: since Apogee’s Telecoms service has also created cost-efficiencies, which have resulted in idpp reducing their telecoms costs by a considerable 25% per month.

The Telecoms service is currently being monitored to ensure that it is still working optimally with idpp’s existing systems; with Apogee’s support team on the lookout for opportunities to create further financial and operational efficiencies.

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