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Marine Harvest

Apogee delivers an updated fleet for significant benefits to Marine Harvest.


"The whole process with Apogee was easy - they’re great people to work with. The project management was excellent and deserves particular recognition."

– The Marine Harvest Representative

The Client

Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd is part of the Marine Harvest Group, the world’s leading Seafood Company and the largest producer of farmed salmon, supplying sustainably farmed salmon and processed seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide.

Company facts

• Marine Harvest employs 13,233 people
• They are represented in 25 countries
• In 2017, 370,000 tonnes of salmon were harvested
• The organisation had a turnover of 3.6 billion euros in 2017

The Background

Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd, located in Rosyth, Scotland, was using an unconsolidated fleet of devices from mixed manufacturers which had been both purchased and leased as and when needs arose. This led to high costs and difficulties in managing the fleet which the company wanted to address.

The company also had a desire to streamline their procurement strategy.


The Solution

Apogee met with Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd’s procurement department and undertook a print and document assessment to gain an understanding of their current print processes and needs.

Working with Marine Harvest, Apogee then formulated print solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

After reviewing a range of suppliers, Apogee was able to transfer the company from a fleet of mixed brands and models to an integrated, unified, reliable infrastructure consisting of 18 new devices.


The Outcome

Apogee delivered, networked and installed each of the required devices which made the transition from old to new technology a streamlined process with minimal disruption. By refreshing the fleet, Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd now benefits from reliable devices with greater productivity capacity and less faults, delivering increased efficiency and lower costs.

Likewise, switching to a single, unified brand of supplier has ensured the fleet is easier and more cost-effective to manage. For example, toners can now be purchased in bulk through a single platform, as opposed to from various suppliers. Thus the company benefits from economies of scale and an organised fleet which is easier to manage.

Marine Harvest VAP UK Ltd were delighted with the solution provided by Apogee and the excellent service delivered. 



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