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12 December 2022
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12 December 2022


Apogee's Print Management Software ensures print wastage is minimised by driving efficiencies and requiring staff login before printing.


"“Apogee has helped us develop a clearer picture of what and who is printing, allowing us to adjust processes and plan future costings. This has already dramatically reduced the amount of printing and aided identifying areas that need revamping."

– Sedulo Representative

The Background

Sedulo have over time acquired a mixed fleet of print devices with various different contracts from different suppliers. As Sedulo have grown with additional personnel, the company wanted to take a smarter approach to print management by consolidating all of their requirements to a single supplier and putting a structured, efficient system in place.

High on Sedulo’s agenda is to significantly reduce their environmental impact and become more environmentally-friendly. With 800,000 documents being printed per year across both of their sites, Sedulo recognised print as a key area of their Go-Green campaign, kick-started in June. Alongside introducing eco-friendly practices such as encouraging recycling and the use of paper straws, Sedulo set the target of halving all print activity across the business.


The Solution

Having been a client for three years, Sedulo were aware of Apogee’s capabilities and trusted us to be their sole-supplier of print and document technology across the business.

Apogee’s dedicated account manager worked with Sedulo to construct a tailored solution to meet their exact requirements, which included the delivery of new hardware and software.


The Outcome

Apogee successfully delivered and installed five multifunctional devices at Sedulo’s Manchester and Leeds offices. Sedulo’s staff have been trained to use the devices to their full capabilities, which includes scanning directly to their accountancy inbox.

What’s more, the installation of print management software has further driven efficiencies and modernised operations. The software delivers complete visibility by user level to identify and eliminate unnecessary printing.

The print management software ensures print wastage is minimised further by requiring staff to login before printing, meaning documents are no longer printed and forgotten about.

Significantly, Sedulo have reduced monthly printing from 63,300 to 44,400 prints within the first month of Apogee’s solution implementation. By continuing to take advantage of the new print technology to change the way the company works each day, Sedulo will be on target to achieve their Go-Green campaign target of halving all print activity.


  • Monthly printing reduced from 63,600 to 44,400 pages within the first month
  • Five Canon printers delivered and installed across both sites
  • Print management software has further driven efficiencies and modernised operations
  • Complete visibility and accountability of all prints
  • Reduce waste helps to contribute towards their Go-Green campaign


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