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Greater printing capabilities and improved carbon footprint across all Stagecoach locations through standardisation.


“Apogee supports Stagecoach in its vital role in the lives of people across the UK. We know that our technical expertise combines with their position as a market leader in the transport sector”.

– Stagecoach representative

The Background

With so many people relying on Stagecoach, the organisation required an effective IT network, with state-of-the-art hardware and a huge amount of daily printing. This is where Apogee’s nationwide tailored printing solution came in.


The Solution

Apogee delivered a tailored service that perfectly suited the concerns and processes of Stagecoach in two stages. The first phase was the setting up of MFDs in more than 150 Stagecoach locations across the UK, including their head office and depot sites.

Phase two involved a nationwide print audit of all Stagecoach locations. This allowed Apogee to understand exactly what requirements the company had on an office-to-office, day-to-day basis enabling us to create a company specific print policy schedule for Stagecoach.


The Outcome

Apogee delivered and installed 240 devices to 183 locations across the UK. Stagecoach’s new devices, which print, scan, copy and fax, have helped facilitate the large number of paper documents (including tickets and receipts) required to run a major, modern transport company, and have provided standardisation from depot to depot.

Along with Stagecoach’s £11 million investment program to cut carbon emissions at its transport operations in the UK and in North America, Apogee helped to improve carbon footprint further by making sure Stagecoach’s printed paper did not exceed requirements.

This was all part of Apogee’s ‘blank canvas’ approach, which meant taking the time to analyse the real printing requirements of the company before setting up its hardware rather than selling a generic package.



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