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Topcon saves time, wastage, and resources by introduction of a new Production Print device, with consolidation of support & service for all print and document technology minimising legacy and varied kit.


The Background

Topcon, a new business client, enlisted the expertise of Apogee to provide a more modern and dynamic approach to their print needs.

At the time, Topcon used an outdated and unfit-for-purpose standard office device to print large volumes of user manuals and guides.

Due to the nature of the product, having a high-quality hard copy version of the user manual was imperative for Topcon’s clients, for this reason, Topcon needed to invest in a new device.

Topcon was also adamant about the removal of any labour intensive workloads and savings on production waste and resources.


The Solution

Apogee’s production print team surveyed Topcon’s existing print environment and found out their pain points and day-to-day challenges.

The Xerox V280 production print device was identified as being the most appropriate solution to meet all the levels of functionality Topcon required.

The print device takes automation to the extreme with click-simple automated colour quality, an inline spectrophotometer and ASRS speed, meaning that employee input is now not needed for the entirety of the printing process.

Able to produce up to 80 prints per minute and up to 80,000 pages per month; the all-in-one, ever-evolving V280 has been re-imagined to deliver everything Topcon needed in a mid-production press. 

The real game-changer for Topcon is the extensive array of ‘finishing’ options available to them, saving intensive labour on printing, stacking and binding each manual by hand. Some options include, binding, booklet making, cutting, slitting, and folding.

To consolidate the support and service of all print and document technology, minimising legacy and varied kit throughout their organisation, Topcon also selected Apogee’s Service Takeover and Refresh programme (A-STAR).


The Outcome

With Topcon printing approximately 135,500 prints per quarter, this will enable them to use the best-of-breed technology available to them, only heightening the production of user manuals they produce for clients.


  • Removal of labour intensive print processes
  • Time, wastage, and resources saved by introduction of new Production Print device
  • Flexibility, quality, professional grade finishing, enhanced reliability and security
  • Consolidation of support & service of all print and document technology to minimise legacy and varied kit


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