Thanks for your interest in attending our FREE Evolve webinar series, which will discuss digital workplace transformation and how it can be applied to your business!

The Evolve series explores the technical challenges facing businesses today and how to overcome them. Offering the latest insight from industry experts, Evolve will initially cover topics such as Accounts Automation and protecting businesses from cyber attacks.

Evolve's debut webinar - Mastering Efficiency and Innovation with Intelligent Invoice Processing - premiered on Thursday 18th April 2024, and was led by automation software experts Ancora, who shared how to boost efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in Accounts Payable Processes.

The second Evolve webinar, Cyber Awareness - Security 101 will be in partnership with cyber security consultancy firm MyEmpire Group on Wednesday 19th June. This will enable viewers to identify risks and address security gaps, as well as maintaining business continuity and restoring IT functionality after a crisis.

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