interior of printer showing ink cartridge tray
Evaluating MPS Environmental Print Credentials
13 February 2018
Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
1 March 2018
interior of printer showing ink cartridge tray
Evaluating MPS Environmental Print Credentials
13 February 2018
Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
Apogee’s Online Portal Another Platform To Help Customers
1 March 2018

21 Major Benefits of Managed Print Solutions

Providers of managed print solutions typically focus on monitoring print usage, replacing consumables and meeting the organisation’s print needs to deliver improved efficiency and productivity.


However, the benefits that can be gained from managed print solutions does not end there. Below are 21 benefits that Managed Print solutions can deliver for your organisation.

1. Reduce Costs

By allowing a specialist Managed Print provider to manage all your document capabilities, costs can be significantly reduced. Your print fleet can be rationalised by removing unnecessary technology, or devices that are not fit for purpose but create inefficiencies for your workforce. Cost reductions of 20% to 30% can be achieved in the total cost of printing.

2. Transparency

Print Management solutions provide organisations with a clear understanding of their print usage and all associated costs. Traditionally, organisations would be unaware of how their workforce is using print technology or understand print budgets, other than the fact that print can contribute up to 3% of company revenue.

3. Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

By tailoring the most ideal solutions to your document requirements, your organisation can reduce its environmental footprint dramatically. The amount of resources consumed will decrease, along with associated power and electricity consumption – all contributing to a better carbon footprint.

4. Enhance Security

As reported by the website, almost half of UK firms were hit by a cyber breach or attack in the past year. Evidently, document security should be a critical business practice for every business. The organisation-wide print assessment which accompanies a Managed Print solution can identify the security risks that your organisation faces and implement a tailored security plan to solve all of your insecurities.

5. Control Costs

Managed print solutions enable all your print needs to be delivered under contractual agreements, which can include a one-off monthly fee to cover all remote monitoring, toner and consumables, delivery and engineer maintenance. This allows your organisation to have complete control over print costs and be able to budget or forecast accordingly.

6. Meet Compliance

With the new GDPR legislation being introduced in May 2018, companies need to meet strict data compliance measures or face huge financial penalties. Managed Print providers can help work towards compliance criteria by providing bespoke document-related consultancy and tailoring document workflows accordingly.

7. Reduce Waste

Print policies can be introduced into your document workflows to reduce wastage. Mono, double-sided print defaults mean less colour and less paper is accidentally used, while follow-me printing ensures print jobs are only released when users log into the device and selects the print jobs themselves. This can save up to 20% of print output which is typically left at print devices, only to be discarded insecurely.

8. Increase Productivity

The remote monitoring, automated meter reading and just-in-time consumable delivery service from managed print solutions ensures your document infrastructure runs smoothly, increasing up-time, productivity and overall efficiency.

9. Improve Green Credentials

Your organisation can become more environmentally focused by employing an optimised Managed Print solution. Reducing your wastage and carbon footprint through more efficient organisation-wide document capabilities will enable you to enhance your green credentials.

10. Flexibility

Managed Print solutions have the flexibility to adapt to the changing wants and needs of any business. Whether you need to print from the office or on the road, from a desktop or mobile device, Managed Print solutions can be tailored time and time again to modern dynamic business.

11. Scalability

From a single device to huge printer fleets used by global brands, Managed Print solutions can scale with your organisation’s requirements. Independent print providers are able to work with any OEM manufacturer and print software product, to blend the perfect technology to meet your requirements as your organisation grows.

12. Sustainability

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year, with 6,800 considered to be wasted. A new Managed Print Solution will reduce your waste and environmental footprint significantly by implementing Print Management software to cut waste and misuse, identifying areas to rationalise printing and enforcing best practice printing rules and regulations.

13. Save Time

With devices being monitored and managed remotely, many potential faults can be identified and prevented before they even occur.  Consequently, time-consuming service calls are virtually eliminated, freeing time and allowing your organisation to focus on core, more important matters.

14. Optimise Efficiency

The process of printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old hardware or poorly configured software can certainly prove to be counterproductive, as can the time spent fixing device malfunctions and replacing ink toners. By combining the latest software with best-of-breed hardware and service excellence, managed print solutions optimise your organisation’s efficiency.

15. Reduce Capital Expenditure

As Managed Print solutions ensure your print infrastructure is fully optimised and device up-time is maximised, the risk of large capital expenditure to accommodate unplanned business changes is essentially eliminated.

16. Become More Agile

Proficient Managed Print services providers continuously develop new technologies to integrate into their solutions portfolio, while providing ongoing expert advice and strategic support. This allows organisations to be more agile by quickly taking advantage of marketplace opportunities and advancements.

17. Increase Accountability

It is easy for companies to lose control of their print fleet with no real understanding of how much material employees are individually using. Print Management software allows organisations to keep track of each department’s resource usage, thereby increasing printing accountability across the entire company. Similarly, print providers take primary responsibility and accountability for meeting your organisation’s print needs.

18. Improve Cash Flow

The cost of purchasing an entire fleet of devices can be daunting, but Managed Print providers typically offer flexible payment options, further reducing your organisation’s capital expenditure and freeing up valuable resources.

19. Remote Management

The management of your entire document infrastructure can be handled remotely. This ensures staff do not have to spend time, energy or resources in ordering or replacing toner, fixing common issues or helping colleagues with print tasks.

20. Technological Advancements

Taking advantage of the latest technology enhances the overall user experience and increases the possibilities of your document capabilities. Staff can leverage advancements such as mobile or cloud print functionality, while the organisation will benefit from the latest cost recovery and efficiency features.

21. Peace of Mind

Leveraging Managed Print solutions provides complete peace of mind that your document infrastructure is securely and reliably being handled by leading industry experts. If your printer stops working, an engineer will be sent to fix it, usually before you know the issue even existed. Likewise, when your supplies start to run low, replacements will be automatically delivered to ensure you can always take full advantage of your print technology.

Managed Print Solutions in Your Organisation

Does your company currently leverage Managed Print solutions to optimise your print and document operations? If not, then you may be missing out on some of these significant opportunities and benefits.

Get in touch by completing the contact form below,  to start your journey to digital transformation and optimise your organisations performance through market leading managed print solutions.


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