A Guide to Apogee Managed Print


Managed Print Services (MPS) from Apogee

Capable of creating numerous financial and operational efficiencies throughout your business, Apogee Managed Print Services (MPS) give you access to top-quality devices supported by a network of engineers throughout the UK, Ireland, and Germany.

By saving you the aggravation of organising third-party support for your devices, Apogee Managed Print keeps you running with the convenience of a one-stop shop – while also giving you predictable budgets and improved employee productivity. Learn more about the benefits of a Managed Print Service.

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How Apogee Managed Print Services Work

So what happens when you choose an Apogee Managed Print Service (MPS)? With clear communication, regular support, and a tailored approach to your business as our central areas of focus, the six key steps of the customer journey are as follows:

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  1. An Apogee Managed Print Service begins with a full audit of your current print infrastructure - assessing the performance, security, and environmental efficiency of each device, and comparing that against other technology on the market to find the best fit for you.

  2. So we can ensure your business is best-placed to meet your efficiency, security, and sustainability goals, we identify key areas of improvement – such as devices and software that are not fit for purpose. From there, we formulate an implementation strategy to bring your print infrastructure up to speed.

  3. Once agreed, the strategy will be actioned with all new hardware and software installed according to your preferred timescale. This can vary from a continuous multi-site installation, to a staggered installation across multiple weeks or months.

  4. Now installed and operational, the consumable levels of your Apogee printing devices can be continually overseen by our remote monitoring application, ARMA – which will automatically notify us to send replacements when required.

  5. With your new devices continually supplied with consumables,we also ensure operational downtime is kept to a minimum. Proactive support is another benefit enabled by ARMA, since it is able to detect potential technical faults, often before they negatively impact your business.

  6. Once this is all in place, maximum device uptime – and by extension, your peace of mind - is all but assured, since dynamic remote and on-site support for your Apogee print devices is only ever a button press away, thanks to the Client Portal.

Read our quick guide to Managed Print Services to learn more about what you can expect when you choose an Apogee Managed Print Service.


What's Included with Apogee Managed Print?

Significant efficiencies are generated from even a basic Apogee Managed Print Service - since the costs of delivery, installation, support, remote monitoring, and automated consumable replenishment can be consolidated into a single convenient point of contact.

Although there are many advantages of Managed Print Services, the most prominent is accountability. This means you don’t need to waste time coordinating between many different suppliers, each with their own cost models and degrees of reliability – instead, you can speak directly with an advisor, who is able to provide guidance based on full service histories for each of your devices.

But, just as with any worthwhile business resource, the value of Apogee Managed Print is proportional to what you are willing to put into it. Many businesses have found great utility by going beyond a basic Managed Print Service – for example:

- Reduction of costs and waste is enabled through Print Management software, which gives you visibility of individual print outputs throughout your organisation;

- Ideal for a hybrid workforce, Cloud Print helps you to protect your print channels and protect against cyber threats, even when employees are printing from remote locations;

- If your urgent print job has been interrupted by a sudden technical issue, you can still fulfil it through a Print On-Demand service – allowing you to outsource print jobs to our secure 24/7 facility, which specialises in high-quality materials and quick turnarounds;

- If you have plans to bring your print marketing in-house, a Production Print service gives you access to production print devices – capable of performing high-speed, high-volume, high quality print collateral.

Find out more information on our additional services.

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Apogee Managed Print Case Studies

Saddled with a print infrastructure split between many brands, Aviva Investors streamlined their print and document processes by moving to an Apogee Managed Print Service. Learn more about our work with Aviva.

Useful for reducing waste, bolstering document security, and tightening up budgets, Apogee Managed Print Services are particularly popular amongst public sector organisations.

Learn how the University of Kent reduced waste across their entire campus by using Apogee printing services.

The many benefits Apogee Managed Print created for Craven College also led to them pursuing similar efficiencies through a Managed IT Service.


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Apogee's Service Excellence in Managed Print Services

So what can you expect as a customer of Apogee Managed Print Services?

If you should encounter technical difficulties with your Apogee printing service, logging the problem through the Client Portal will put you in direct contact with a Kent-based helpdesk advisor who will attempt to resolve the issue remotely.

However, if the issue is hardware related, you will be visited by one of our 250+ in-house engineers – who, thanks to the information provided by our helpdesk team, will typically have the tools they need to perform the fix in a single visit. That is why our first-time fix rate is an industry-leading 94% - and why we are comfortable referring to our support as Service Excellence.

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For more information on how your business benefits from Apogee Managed Print Services, contact us using the form below.


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