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Aquinas College

Aquinas College partners with Apogee to reduce document production costs and the colleges carbon footprint with fully secure, follow me print function.


“Very happy with the Apogee service and plan to continue working with them. Our queries are dealt with rapidly and effectively. 

With a mix of devices at present with some becoming dated, the support provided in keeping these running is good. The Papercut solution implemented has made vast improvements and the support from Apogee is of a high standard.”

– Andy Moss, IT Manager Aquinas College

The Background

Aquinas College were looking to optimise the print management infrastructure and replace a number of ad-hoc printers. In addition, it was essential that the contract be compliant and approved by the Department of Education (DoE). The Colleges current large mixed fleet of printers, copiers and faxes was proofing difficult to manage and resulted in high levels of waste and minimal security. They were looking for a Managed Print Service (MPS). Additional, the college was looking at reducing the environmental impact, as well as increase efficiencies and security.


The Solution

Apogee reviewed the existing number of devices and provided recommendations for changes to the fleet. With optimising the infrastructure and increasing security being priorities, Apogee investigated not only the facts around the current equipment, but also physically assessed the environment to gain a thorough understanding of the College’s working practices.

Along with the new hardware devices, Apogee’s Professional Services team put forward Papercut print management solution. Papercut monitors, allocates and controls printing resources by tracking detailed printer usage information by printer, user, project, department or cost centre. The Aquinas College can identify savings opportunities, reduce operating costs, provide high-level security and help gain a higher degree of control of their overall print environment.


The Outcome

The Managed Print Service resulted in the number of devices reduced from 73 to 39, a mix of A4 Mono Printers (MP) A4 Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) and A3 Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs). With a 50% reduction in printers across the college, Papercut, and a Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) contract in place, the College has complete transparency and control of printing expenditure, and can understand precisely how much it costs to produce each page of printing, copying and scanning.

This new strategy of rationalisation and standardisation leads to a reduction in document production costs and a sizable shrinkage of the colleges carbon footprint. This policy to rationalise the number of printers and photocopiers on campus and making more use of a centralised MFDs help reduce printing and positively change the users printing behaviour, enabling students and staff to reduce their personal carbon footprint.

With PaperCut MF installed, the College benefits from a fully secure, Follow Me print function across the entire college. Likewise, all printing at the college is fully traceable with key users having access to a suite of detailed reports - enabling the potential for enacting positive environmental change by eliminating wastage - and saving money in the process.


  • Number of devices reduces from 73 to 39
  • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact of print activity
  • Papercut solution provides control and security release printing
  • Measurable and controllable costs with Cost-Per-Page
  • Better control and visibility of volumes


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