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Aviva Investors

A detailed print and document assessment of Aviva’s current infrastructure allowed Apogee to reduce their existing fleet by consolidating and standardising devices.


The Background

Aviva Investors were experiencing problems at their Head Office in St Helens due to the various contracts and suppliers for their print and document infrastructure. As a result they had difficulties managing the large fleet which led to a lack of organisation with key documents at the firm.

Aviva Investors wanted to combine and streamline their requirements to one supplier and one agreement - and realised that by doing so, they could achieve substantial benefits including lower costs, increased efficiency and improved service levels.


The Solution

A detailed print and document assessment of Aviva’s current infrastructure allowed Apogee to propose a unique solution tailored to their specific needs.

The Managed Print Service focused on significantly reducing the existing fleet by consolidating and standardising devices. Combined with market-leading print management software, Apogee were able to deliver exactly what Aviva required - improved control over their print and document activity.


The Outcome

Apogee reduced the clients fleet by over 75% from around 210 down to 50 devices. With less devices to manage and a substantially reduced Total Cost of Ownership, Aviva Investors achieved huge costs savings of 40%.

Alongside the new streamlined fleet, key to Aviva Investors’ savings, was the implementation of print management software which has provided further efficiencies. The software allows users to send print jobs to a virtual network printer and retrieve them at any time by swiping their ID card.

The additional level of control has instantly reduced print waste, ensuring print jobs are no longer automatically printed and forgotten about. Likewise, the print management software has allowed Aviva Investors to introduce rule-based printing, whereby they can enforce printing guidelines and restrictions, whilst implementing automated workflows specific to each department or user.

With Apogee as their single Managed Print Service provider, Aviva Investors now receives significantly improved service levels. They are also able to contact Apogee whenever an issue occurs, rather than having to identify which device belongs to which supplier before contacting them. In most cases, Aviva Investors’ dedicated on-site engineer is able to assist with any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring maximum device up-time.


  • Fleet of devices reduced by over 75% from circa 210 to 50 -providing lower TCO 
  • Overall cost savings of 40%  
  • Greater control of print activity with innovative software 
  •  Enhanced service levels ensure maximum device up-time
  • Tailored print rules and workflows improved user experience


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