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19 January 2023
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19 January 2023

Royal Surrey County Hospital

The Royal Surrey County Hospital Trust had a large number of printing devices spread across multiple locations, all varying in age and inconsistent with printing quality. Apogee implemented managed print solutions to foster proactive print control tracking.


“Deploying devices in the health service is extremely difficult especially in clinical areas where patient care has priority and we have to work around those constraints. 

I would like to formally record that the people involved from Apogee have been first class, very helpful when issues arose, always keeping us informed etc., this goes through the whole organisation I have dealt with over the past 12 months.”

– Royal Surrey County Hospital representative

The Background

Royal Surrey Trust had a large number of printing devices spread across multiple locations, with a mixture of printing devices varying in model and type.

The devices also varied in age which had a negative impact on print quality for some departments. The existing devices were not part of a managed print service which meant there were no central contact points and no management information available for the fleet as well as a lack of device and data security.

The average age of the existing print fleet meant there was a greater potential for support related calls. These support calls often required a visit by a Print Room Operator meaning that they were taken away from other tasks, resulting in potential delays to other projects.


The Solution

Royal Surrey County Hospital were eager to transition from an unmanaged & expensive fleet to a fully managed print service with dedicated points of contact that would enhance existing technologies such as pull printing, whilst further consolidating the fleet and releasing additional benefits.

The solution provided to RSCH combines the best-of-breed hardware from both HP and Xerox. The market-leading HP devices were chosen to improve security and to deliver sustainable printing whilst reducing environmental impact and the Xerox production print devices were selected to deliver cost savings whilst further enhancing their environmental credentials. This was a key driver that the hospital wanted to enhance so this feature was very important to them.


The Outcome

The implementation of the bespoke print management solution enabled RSCH to benefit from the best-of-breed market leading technology whilst improving the security of their fleet. The PaperCut print management solution also allowed the hospital to significantly reduce their environmental impact through print which aligns with their overall CSR goals.

As well as this, the trust needed to expand wards and open pop up specialist Covid-19 wards throughout the pandemic which Apogee were tasked with supplying devices, often at short notice, to ensure these wards are fully operational. Apogee will continue to support RSCH’s day to day operations through the use of on-site engineer’s and CLE’s as well as their long term Managed Workplace Service needs.



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