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Is your printing infrastructure a security risk? Tighten your print security by investing in Secure Print Solutions. By introducing a hold and release system (Secure Print Release), data encryption, and other new security measures, confidential company or client data is safe from security attacks. Contact Apogee today to learn more.

The Challenge with Direct Printing

Printers can be an enormous security risk under the wrong circumstances - if they’re accessible to anyone, then anyone can access the documents printed.

Under normal circumstances, a print job is sent directly to the printer. This can cause a lot of problems - the most important concern is that confidential documents left unattended in the print tray are not only visible to everyone, but could easily be taken.

This can also be inefficient. Printing several times a day means frequent trips to the printer, which disrupts workflow and impacts employee productivity. This is especially true if the printers are in high demand, and you have to wait for documents to print in a certain order.

The Solution

These problems can be eliminated with the strategic use of Secure Print Solutions. Examples of secure print solutions include:

  • Hold/Release Queues. A secure print release system allows printers to hold documents until the person who ordered them is ready to print. Printing is not direct by default.
  • User Authentication. Authentication processes are set up so the user has to produce a PIN code, password or security pass to access and print their documents. This could happen via mobile, computer or the printer itself. Two-level authentication is also possible.
  • Approved Printing. The option to have print jobs approved before going to the printer would be useful if a lot of sensitive data was being handled, or in the case of expensive all-colour print jobs.
  • Document Encryption. Protocols like Transport Layer Security and Internet Protocol Security can protect print jobs as they are transferred to and stored by the printer.
  • Printer Encryption. All the data on printers can be encrypted - this means that, even if someone were to steal the hard drive, it would be extremely difficult to untangle the data. This way, you can be assured that your company and client data is always safe.

Benefits of Secure Print Solutions

Secure Print Solutions are invaluable to range of industries - whether your organisation belongs to the education, healthcare, finance or law sector, you will be subject to numerous benefits, such as:

Can be managed centrally

Secure print solutions give you complete control to manage and monitor printing activity. This makes it easier to track printing costs, keep on top of who has access, and spot potential issues early.

Scalable to your company

Whether you have a single printer or an entire fleet, secure print release and other printing solutions ensure that the entire operation is protected and optimised.

Less paper wastage

Secure print release allows you to cancel print jobs that were ordered by mistake, or that you no longer need. This allows for massive savings in paper, toner and ink, making your printing infrastructure more sustainable.

Data is protected

With the assurance that your data is encrypted until your sensitive and confidential documents are printed, it is far easier to comply with legal restrictions.

Improves user experience
Secure print solutions can improve ease of use - with secure print release, for instance, your employees can use it strategically to reduce time spent at the printer and improve efficiency.

Why Choose Apogee’s Secure Print Solutions?

Apogee’s Managed Print Services offers comprehensive solutions for workplace printers. Whether you require Cloud Printing to centralise your print operation, or Remote Management (ARMA) so we can monitor and upkeep your printers, you can expect impeccable Service Excellence

Our Secure Print Solutions could also be part of a larger service package. After you reach out to Apogee, we can run a full Technology Audit to assess your workplace technology needs and look for the main weaknesses in your printing infrastructure. Alongside secure print, you might benefit from services like Buy Back IT, Meeting Room Equipment or Inbound Mail.

Contact our team today to start discussing how Apogee can help your business run as efficiently as possible.

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