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The Healthcare sector has faced extreme complexities in service demands, whilst having to deliver a higher quality of service more rapidly and at full capacity.

  • Healthcare providers have struggled to embrace digital technologies that drive the speed of innovation and improve efficiencies.
  • Ensuring staff accessibility to key information remains secure, whilst being easily accessible to deliver a better end-to-end service and patient experience.
  • Many Healthcare providers are still relying on legacy IT equipment and infrastructure that remains inefficient and is hindering employee productivity and interoperability.
  • Reducing the cost of digital technologies and navigating around the limited resources available to employees.
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Digital Expertise in Healthcare

We are helping to redefine the way our Healthcare clients work through optimising operations and processes to improve their workplace efficiency. Our strong reputation with NHS organisations is due to our expertise in enhancing technologies that accelerate innovation, intelligence and patient value at speed and scale.

We leverage digital technologies to provide better outcomes for clinicians, patients, and staff by looking at ways we can reduce costs and improve efficiencies wherever possible. We support Healthcare organisations with a full range of Managed Workplace Services to help you respond to changes in service demands and improve employee and patient experience.


“Apogee recognised the need for flexibility during a pandemic and changes to the implementation plan as part of Covid recovery planning. They were patient during the roll out and there is the potential of a good relationship ahead.”

– Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Representative

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